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My two souls

I am a determined and concrete woman, and in my work this is an essential skill. I prevent problems, and, if they arise, I will solve them.

For me, the event must have its own fluidity, it must proceed smoothly, downtime and without interruptions, like a pleasant melody that accompanies you and makes you feel good.

To achieve this, a lot of work must be done on the planning, on the division of tasks, on the timing and on the synergy among suppliers

The other part of me wants an event to give sensations, make hearts vibrate, which, in one word, emotions. An event that leaves an indelible memory, that is cared for and personal, that speaks of the love of the bridal couple. And so I create for them special atmospheres, settings, give life to their dream.

My two souls coexist alternating in some moments, merging in others.

During the organization of your wedding, you will therefore have to deal with my manager, technician, organizer, but also with the person full of imagination and creativity, who can listen to you, propose original solutions, understand you and translate your requests into the wedding you want.

Some time ago I asked people who have dealt with me directly for work on social media to describe myself with an adjective. Here’s what came out of it: original, direct, professional, overwhelming, frank, creative, generous, attentive, positive, exciting, tenacious, eclectic, energetic, correct, punctual.

I am happy with this list of characteristics because they reflect me in various moments of my work, as I said at the beginning.

Sometimes one soul prevails, othertimes another. But it’s the mix of both that really works. In my work I carry my passions: the history of art, music, the traditions of my land. They are part of me and many of my clients have chosen me for this.

I like

What do I do for my bridal couples

My events are born from the attentive listening of the bridal couples; only in this way can we get in touch and I can understand your expectations and then propose the right solutions.

The preparation and distribution of the budget is fundamental for the subsequent stages of the organization: if you don’t know where to start, I will guide you in this delicate and full of pitfalls aspect, if you approach it incorrectly. The experience and knowledge of the market makes the wedding planner the ideal ally in this task.

A wonderful wedding is a puzzle made up of many very important elements. The location, the banqueting, the photographer, the musical entertainment. They must be the right ones for your event, and I select them and propose them according to the needs of each couple. Only professionals of undisputed experience and quality, and you save time and unproductive laps. Then we move on to the creative project: identify the leitmotif of your event, create a logo, design the stationery, choose the materials with which to create it. And from there on, the creative part, the floral settings, the settings, the favors. An eye on trends, of course, but the most important thing is that many details talk about your story to your friends and relatives Giving guests an unforgettable experience is part of my job: adequate musical entertainment, non-invasive shows that meet their tastes and give emotions, transfers and accommodation, lots of care and attention for them, and, if present, for children.

Me and my staff will be present throughout the event, clearly and always attentive to everyone’s needs, with discretion and kindness. Friends and relatives will remember your wedding with pleasure even after many years You will be followed during all the months preceding the wedding by me and by my staff.

You will be provided with a lot of data to keep you informed of the evolution of the project. You will have agreed meetings with me, but also a direct telephone line, via email or via skype if you are away … and I promise you that you will have fun too!

“Lights, cameras, action!”