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Civil or symbolic marriage for your destination wedding in Italy?

civil or symbolic


Let’s talk about the differences between two kind of ceremony : civil or symbolic wedding.

Many foreign couples think they can get married anywhere with a ritual with legal value, perhaps because it is possible in their country.

They then discover, especially when they don’t rely on a wedding planner, that this is absolutely not the case in Italy.

Civil wedding.

First, you need to understand what kind of marriage you want: legally valid? Civil marriage will be recognized in Italy and in their country, but a series of documents is needed to carry it out.

It depends on the country of origin of the couple, but generally there is a need for the help of the wedding planner because it is necessary to legalize them, to make a common declaration with a

sworn translator.

Sometimes they assume they have information from municipal employees, writing them an email some time before. They will hardly get an answer!

Or they think they can receive the appropriate assistance from the municipality, the translator, the celebrant in their language, the reservation of the venue. Nothing more wrong!

This is why it is very important for those who want to get married in Italy with a civil ceremony, to rely on a professional so as not to have legal problems.

Another thing that is often not clear to foreign couples is that the civil ceremony is celebrated in places designated by the municipality.

Normally in the seat of the municipality, which may have a room, a garden or a terrace, or a beach in rare cases, and in very few other places in the area.

Almost never in the villas they choose for the reception, if not minimally.

And all of this has costs to keep in mind: costs for paperwork, for celebrants, interpreters and rental of the venue for the celebration.




Symbolic marriage

Symbolic marriage, on the other hand, is much simpler. It does not require documents, sworn translations, declarations, legalizations. However, it has no legal value, but only sentimental and

emotional value for the couple who choose it.

It can be chosen because you want to get married in a particular place, as one of my couples did some time ago, for example, on the peak of a mountain overlooking

Ravello, or on a private beach. 



Advantages of Symbolic marriage

You can then decide to marry legally in your own country, at another time, or not to marry legally at all if you don’t feel the need to.

Another advantage is precisely that of the location: you can celebrate in private villas, in villas for weddings, on the beach, in the mountains, in a meadow, in a garden, on a terrace…

wherever you dream it (except in places where which there is a declared prohibition)

There are no costs for the documents, but it is still advisable to have a professional celebrant, and, there is still a cost for the rental of the place.

The costs are lower than for a civil marriage, there is more freedom, but, let us not forget, there is no legal value.

I hope I have clarified some important points for choosing the type of destination wedding in Italy:

Did you decide? Civil or symbolic wedding?

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